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Saturday, November 11, 2006

Some Dog Product Updates

First, there was the raised triple feeder I ordered from Creative Treasures. Here's what Mario made for us. I love it. The dogs love it and we couldn't be happier. Thank-you Mario!!

I also posted a while back regarding the Silverfoot Martingale collars.

They were "leaving a grey stain on the underside of the dog's necks. I then realized that the metal portion of the collar is plated metal verses solid stainless steel - what a disappointment!!"
Well the products I ordered from Bo'Sun arrived and I put the collars back together with the much improved hardware. Here's a picture of what it looks like now.
This once again proves to me the awesome power and utility of Google. I would never have found Bo'Sun without them. A couple searches and than armed with the knowledge about different types of stainless steel I did a search for the type I wanted and up popped Bo'Sun's website. They were awesome to deal with, with fabulous customer service reps that answered the phone. So little me with no marine or metal hardware knowledge finds exactly what I want all in a matter of seconds. You can do it too.
All you have to do is start here:

Happy searching, learning, shopping, blogging!

1 comment:

Karen Shanley said...

Wow! What terrific links to products. And great training tips for "twoster" dog houses. Even for "onester" dog houses. :)
Your two sure get to have a great life. Lucky them!