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Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Feel the love in a "Love Sac"

One of the things I enjoy the most in the evening is curling up in the "Love Sac" with the dogs. If you've never heard of a "Love Sac" before it is basically a big bean bag with out the uncomfortable "beans". Instead it's filled with cut up soft foam. Than of course there's the fact that it's many times bigger than your typical "70's era" bean bag. This is just the "5 Ton" size they have a "10 ton" size. Have no fear, that is not how much they weigh.

Here's my oldest nephew with the dogs camping out in the "Love Sac". It is the one piece of furniture that the dogs get to enjoy with us. It is however, only "on permission" and if we are not up on it they can't be on it either. As it is our lay down and watch a movie spot I didn't want it turning into the dog's bed. They have been very good about the rules that govern their access to it and it has become a big "reward" for them at the end of the day those evenings we have the time to snuggle with them for a while.
I couldn't figure out why there US homepage didn't seem to work right. Well apparently the "LoveSac" corporation is in bankruptcy proceedings right now. There are already several knock off look-a-likes out there. They really have an awesome product and idea here, I hope they get their act together. For a picture of what they look like I found the Australia web site had pictures still up on there site.
Update: 12/09/2006
Apparently the LoveSac company came out of bankruptcy in August. And the reason I couldn't veiw their website is that it doesn't run in Firefox or Camino, I was however able to view the full site in Safari - Go figure?! Here's a picture of the different size options you can buy. Click on this link to go to there website. The "Ton-O-Love" we bought is now called the "MovieSac".

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