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Thursday, October 12, 2006

Custom Leather Martingale Collars

I noticed recently that the Silverfoot Martingale collars we are using are leaving a grey stain on the underside of the dog's necks. I then realized that the metal portion of the collar is plated metal verses solid stainless steel - what a disappointment!! So I was off again on a hunt for collars. And this week I found and ordered some. Here is all the info with links to the website. I placed the order in person over the phone with Karen and am looking forward to receiving them soon. I'll update the post when they arrive with some pictures. For now here's the scoop! You can click on the picture to go to the website.

Description Excerpt from the website:

Our leather martingale dog collars are available with two different adjustment types. This is our original martingale dog collar and adjusts using a slide. Our newest leather martingale collar adjusts using a buckle. This old favorite martingale dog collar adjusts very smoothly and permits adjustment in the tiniest increments for a terrific fit and works very well when made of our top grain latigo leathers or the ultra soft bull hide.

Martingale collars are sometimes referred to as the "no-slip" collar. They are excellent for the training and working of nearly any breed. They are adjustable so you can set the limit for how tight it can become around your dog's neck. The action of this collar is similar to that of a prong training collar, is extremely smooth and provides for a very effective circumferential correction with only minimal effort. If you prefer, the chain pull can be replaced with leather.

As with all our fine hand-crafted leather collars, after selecting the leather that is just right for you, and after cutting your collar to the proper length and width, all edges are beveled, rounded and burnished silky smooth.
• There are several Leather Types and Colors to choose from. Only the finest imported German chain, stainless steel rings and quick-open links are used for our martingale collars.
• We can personalize your leather dog collar with Engraved Personalized ID Plates.
• To order our leather dog collars, telephone 1-405-701-2707 or 1-405-701-1725


Katie said...

Hi there,

Any feedback on the collar? Looking to purchase on for my yellow girl, Emma.

"Sunshine" said...

They were too bulky, and thick and not water friendly and as you can see my dogs love the beach. Best water, especially salt water proof collars are "Dublin Dogs" collars. I'm still on a hunt for a high quality stainless steel rust proof martingale!! It's amazing given all the Labs out there that live water, that the dog collar industry has not developed one.