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Sunday, November 19, 2006

Happy Thanksgiving

I realized in planning our trip for the holidays that are dogs vocabulary understanding is quite impressive. I put together a list, for the couple that will be house sitting for us over the holidays, all the words are dogs know. I know this will help them as they spend time with the dogs in the everyday routines they are familiar with. I thought I'd share the list here in hopes that if you haven't considered how intelligent your dogs are you'll see that you've underestimated your faithful companions. Of course this is only the spoken words that our dogs understand and says nothing about the nonverbal communication we convey; nonverbal communication that they are masters in deciphering.

  • Sit
  • Wait -- stay there until I say you can move, or at least stay in that area
  • Stay -- stay there and don’t move until I come back and release you
  • Lay down -- lay completely down with your hip on the ground - not the easy jump back up again position
  • Down -- same as “lay down”
  • Come -- come and sit in front of me
  • Go to your bed -- when in the kitchen refers it to their kitchen bed, when in the office it refers to their office bed, used before meals and when they’re under foot or pestering me
  • Go outside
  • Outside please
  • Go potty
  • Out -- get out of that room, space, location - more corrective in our house
  • Inside please -- into the house typically
  • Ready -- for the next throw when playing fetch, to go some where
  • Ready to “eat” -- a very magical phrase as far as they are concerned
  • Back up -- for when they are in the way, when Shelby is not all the way on his bed in the kitchen before meals - tell him to "back up” onto his "bed”, when they are pushing ahead of you to go in the door
  • Behind -- when they are rushing ahead of you or blocking you when going through doorways
  • Off -- if they jump on you and you want them to get off you
  • No jump -- if their jumping when you first get home and are over excited
  • Let’s go -- when walking after coming to a stop & sitting by your side, said before crossing the street, or continuing after stopping
  • Heel -- walk at your left side
  • Side -- walk on your right side, a new command so they are still getting the hang of this one
  • Go Play -- when I’m sending them outside to burn some energy on their own out in the driveway
  • Bring it -- return the toy or ball and drop it at your feet or in your hand
  • Find it -- used when playing with them, i.e. “go find your bone”, “go find your ball”, “go find your toy”
  • Go get your -- "ball", "bone", "toy", ect. - when you’re playing with them
  • Go to your crate -- at night when we’re putting them to bed
  • Life is a beautiful dance, Always keep your balance

    Life is a beautiful dance, Always keep your balance

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