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Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Part 2: Raising two Labrador Retrievers "at the same time" - A few things we have learned

I started this topic here and am adding to it today.

Riding in the car:

  • Don't - Have you ever gotten out of your car in a parking lot only to be accosted by the dog in the car next to you. The ear piercing barking is enough to make you jump out of your skin. You think for a minute you have entered the world of Steven King and "Kujo" is alive in the car next to you? Perhaps this perspective comes from my overly concerned mind but the responsibility is completely on us as dog owners. Weather we want to realize it or not dogs can be a huge liability especially given the ignorance and lack of understanding that exists out there in the public regarding dogs. Some like to call it the "Lassie Syndrome", perhaps the "Disney Fantasy" is better. Dogs are complex creatures and considering that as young dogs they are still learning about the world around them they can be unpredictable.
  • Do - When it comes to riding in the car, even from the very first day, our dogs had to lie down and remain lying. Despite the always adorable looking, wind blown dog head out the wind, this is often accompanied by the barking over excited running back and forth between the windows dog as well. Well with two dogs that just wasn't happening for us. Perhaps later when they've matured a bit the restrictions can be loosened. For now however, our dogs are conditioned to lie down and remain down while in the car. For me it is much safer for driving, much safer for them, and it has been much more pleasant for others who may ride in the car with us. Despite their ever "adorable-ness" to me, not every one appreciates having their face bathed times two every time they ride in my car. I like to take my dogs everywhere I can. The rule is so rock solid that despite their eagerness to greet and get acquainted with a new friend in their car, once I say "lay down" down they go and down they stay even though they are in the very back of the car and I'm in the front seat. This has also carried over to when they are left in a parked car in the parking lot. No "Kujo's" here thank goodness!! What ever you personally decide to do just "be safe" and remember it's us who God has granted the higher intelligence and we need to take that responsibility seriously when caring for our dogs.
Once again my only disclaimer on this is that some of the rules and boundaries we have at our house are because we live in a neighborhood where we want to be conscientious of those around us, we want to share the limited open space respectfully with others, and we want the dogs to be able to politely join us out in the community.

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