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Sunday, January 06, 2008

A little off topic

For those of you living far far away from civilization, (LOL) who have never seen an iPhone, this post is coming to you posted completely from my phone. Using the web app on the iPhone I have a full feature miniture web page in Blogger. How cool is that?!

Of course this means that I'm lying in bed with Shelby tucked here in front of me, the two of us snuggled nice and warm, while I write this post.

The posting has been scarce due to hosting both sets of the family for Christmas; mine before, my husbands after. It was so nice, though busy, and the dogs took it all in stride like champs. Of course inviting everyone here meant the dogs got to join me up on the couch when I got a chance to relax.

Everything in my house is machine washable especially the beautiful chocolate brown microfiber slip covers my couches came with. Not only is my house dog friendly, it's nephew/kid and holiday friendly. Got'a love it!!!

And on that note I refuse to buy anything that is a home textile that is not machine washable. Does anyone else feel this way? Dry Clean only is as dated as poodle skirts, there's no excuse for it with all the amazing advances in modern materials... but now I've really digressed!!

I hope you all had a lovely holiday!!

We'll be back to our regularly scheduled topic soon, till then happy blog reading.