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Friday, April 27, 2007

Update: Pet Food Recall - May have you thinking vegetarian

In a news article posted today by "SFGate.com" one reporter points out a disturbing detail in the escalating recalls. In the article titled: "Ogden Pet-Food Maker Extends Recall" Debbie Hummel points out the following:

On Thursday, the Utah Department of Agriculture and Food announced about 2,500 hogs from four farms in northern Utah would be euthanized because they may have eaten contaminated pet food scraps from ANI.

The decision to kill the animals came after the FDA decided any animal that might have consumed feed from the plant after April 1 should be euthanized as a precaution.

The nitrogen-rich chemical melamine is used to make resins and is a byproduct of several pesticides.

Melamine appears to have caused acute kidney failure in pets that died or were sickened after eating pet food contaminated with the chemical in recent months.
DEBBIE HUMMEL, (Associated Press Writer Friday, April 27, 2007)
It's scary when you think of the number of animal products you may serve your own family in a given week, and that now the feed these animal are being fed is being called into question. I hope it makes you stop and do a double take!!

Personally I'm glad I'm vegetarian.

More here: "Hogs given tainted feed may be in human food supply"


Orion said...

Hi there!

I've been reading your blog for a few months now and it's really proved to be both entertaining and a learning experience. Four months ago, I decided to get a Lab puppy. (I've raised a Labrador before and I suppose I'm just partial.) 4 weeks ago I picked him up from the breeder, and he's been such a joy to have in our family. I decided to create a blog for him in hopes to chronicle his time as he grows up and maybe help others learn a thing or two as I learn. I just wanted to say 'hi', tell you that I always read, and I wanted to provide you with a link to my boy Orion's new blog. http://orions-page.blogspot.com/
Thanks and maybe talk to you soon!

"Sunshine" said...

Hi Orion, (& Orion's mom)

Your site is cute and I sure to become a favorite for me and my yellow labs.

You truly are dangerously adorable and cute. Just when I thought it was safe I find myself having thoughts of getting another puppy - especially after seeing just how cute and adorable you are.

Thanks for stopping by and leaving us a message. I know that your mom cares a lot about you. Hopefully she has learned something here that makes your life more fun for you.

Keep us posted as you grow up to be the awesome dog that cute puppy face tells me you will be soon.


"Sunshine" - Shelby & Nutmeg