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Thursday, April 19, 2007

My other amateur passion, in a previous life.


Joan said...

Fabulous photos, Sunshine!!!! I so enjoy your photography and your helpful information.

I wanted to e-mail you directly, but can't find a way to do that, so I'm resorting to leaving a comment.

I wanted you to know that everything in me wanted to "tag" you for a Thinking Blogger award, but when I read their guidelines, they really made it sound like the nominated blogs really had to land on the more philosophical side.

You provide such helpful, solid info for Lab (and dog) lovers, that I really wanted to add you to the list, but though I'd better stick to their "more philosophical" guideline (as opposed to information). I hope you understand.

I just wanted you to know that I really thought your blog worthy! And still do.

Keep up the good work!

Joan (over at LabTails)

Joan said...

Oh, one more thing.

I think you know I have you listed at Labtails as an "Information Site about Labs" and a "Favorite Dog Blog" in my blog roll lists in the left margin.

But I thought I should tell you in case you hadn't noticed.

Thanks again, Sunshine!

Joan (of LabTails)

"Sunshine" said...

Thanks Joan,

BTW, my e-mail address is in my blogger profile under the "Location" category at the top of the page. But you have a good point, I should add it to my blog page somewhere.

Congratulations on your "Thinking Blogger Award." Please know that I in no way feel snubbed, there is no expectation on my part for what I am doing here. There have been however, awesome indications that people are benefiting from the information here. For instance: to date I have had 3091 absolute unique visitors over the last 8 months since I started; 25% of my visitors have become returning visitors; some very awesome blogs I have a lot of respect for (including yours) have links for their readers to my site; and the best one is - if you do a Google search for "puppy adolescence", my blog is at the top of the first page. All these are a more positive responce to my blog than I ever dreamed of when I started.

What thrills me more than anything is to look at my Google Analytics keyword searches for the day and see a keyword search for "raising two puppies"; then to see that there were 20 page views for that visit. In my eyes - "mission accomplished" !

Thanks for your generous comments!!