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Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Pet Food Recall List Summary

Below I've summarized the list of brands affected. Just click the image to view the list in detail. If you want more specifics on the exact products and manufacturing codes for the items affected just click the link below the image to download the pdf.

Thanks Karen for putting this link out there for others: http://srv.ezinedirector.net/?n=1666824&s=41304140

This list is chock full of ironies. With names like, "loving meals", "pet essentials", "presidents choice", "cadillac", "award", "science diet", "best choice" ... . Is there anyone else out there that isn't just a little bit furious with the bull shit marketing behind names like these? Obviously there was no thought given to compromising quality when it came to the bottom line and making a profit.

Personally I'm happy I feed my dogs a brand that has the founders name in it. Now there's some motivation for maintaining the integrity and reputation of your product.

Update: 4/17/07:
Take a deep breath before you click this link: "Organic Pet Food Brand Joins the Recall List"

Obiviously Dick Van Patten didn't care that his name was going to be dragged into the wake of "3000 dead and counting"!

For a list of pet foods
--> NOT <--
on the recall list go to:
The Pet Food List

Update: 4/27/07
Hold onto your hats folks, this will blow you away. Just when you thought it couldn't get worse it did get worse!!

Check out this link to American Nutrition's website listing the recall of such brands as:
Blue Buffalo, Harmony, Natural Balance, Kirkland Signature Premium, Canine Caviar, Mulligan.

My girlfriend feeds her dog Canine Caviar. She has paid a premium to do it as it has been sold as a top quality food and she has to have it shipped to her. And she has to pay shipping unlike Flint River that does not charge shipping on top of the price listed for their food.

Once again, (and I hope I never have to take back my words) I am so very very glad I feed my dogs Flint River Ranch dog food!!!! They are a family owned company that manufacture thier own food in a manufacturing plant in Redlands, CA.

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jan said...

I am very angry with the warm fuzzy advertising that we have been bombarded with for so long about how much research goes into the food we feed our dogs and the quality ingredients. And then we find out that so much was outsourced.