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Saturday, April 21, 2007

Summer + Labrador's + Water = No Problem!!

With summer just around the corner there are several things to keep in mind as you expand your dog recreation options.

Water dog health tip #1: Have a tried and true ear cleaning solution to administer as soon as your done playing in the water.

Our holistic vet recommended the following:
• small clear glass 16oz bottle of vodka
boric acid dry crystals

Slowly spoon in the boric acid, cap and shake bottle between measures to allow boric acid crystals to dissolve, let the solution rest and settle, when a small amount remains down at the bottom of the bottle and does not dissolve then stop, you now have a concentrated (or saturated) solution.

Transfer this to a clear narrow-tip bottle for administering in the dog ears. You can also use a large dropper bottle or a medium syringe.

When administering be sure to hold your dog securely in order to gently massage the ear canal while the solution is in place. I hold my dogs head with a towel in one hand. With the ear with solution turned up towards me I cap it with the towel while I rub the ear canal. Then I turn their head myself to allow the excess to drain out into the towel before I let them shake their head. If I'm lucky I can do both ears before they squirm away and then I don't have to try and coax them back to me. Not an easy task after pouring liquid into their ears. Have lots of cookies handy to say "I'm sorry!, we're still friends, right?"

Here's a great link from Wood Haven Labs website that confirms the soundness of this home remedy: Cleaning Ears and Treating Ear Infections

For more information about Boric Acid click on the picture above.


Personally summer for us means more time at the lake. As we are fortunate enough to have things warm up a bit sooner here on the west coast our dogs have already had some fun afternoons swimming. Nutmeg has an absolute passion for the water. It's truly a joy to see her having so much fun. If her brother can out maneuver her on land than she is queen and water is her domain. I'll be adding a movie taken last week to this post soon so check back later this week.


Author Mom with Dogs said...

Thanks for the great tip!

jan said...

I will definitely be using this for my water Poodle. Thanks for the idea.