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Friday, March 02, 2007

Shelby, the Robins, and "his birds" . . .

About three weeks ago, before the recent rain storms here in California, we had winged visitors. It was about 10 am, I was at my desk and the dogs were sleeping behind me, when I heard a chorus of chirps. I turned around to see no less than a dozen Robins swirling between the branches of our Japanese Maple and our red berry bush. In no less then 5 minutes they had all the red berries devoured and had moved on. It was a special moment for me. Growing up in rural northern California farmland there were always tons of Robins, Blue Jays, Red-winged Blackbirds, Finches, and Sparrows. The Robins were always my favorite. Now, once again living in northern California, my greatest joy was seeing the first Robin that appeared on our lawn about two weeks after we moved into our new home. I've continued to see an occasional one here and there. The other day, however, was the first time I've seen so many at one time. It got me thinking that I should really set up a bird feeder. What better way to coax more birds to hang out around here. Yeah, I know, dugh!!, but with the dogs, especially Shelby being easily excited by the sight of birds I haven't wanted to add fuel to the fire.

Well last week I set up the bird feeder and it has been a big hit. The other day my husband counted close to 20 birds out by the feeder. No Robins, but still a beautiful array of different Sparrows and Finches and the ever present Morning Doves. The dogs favorite sun spot in the house looks out to where the bird feeder sits in the branches of the Japanese Maple. At first Shelby would get excited and when let outside would charge out to the yard. I've been consistent about telling him, "No, leave them alone", and he's beginning to get it. Than the other day a squirrel discovered the feeder. Shelby was the one to let me know that we had a thief. He let out a low growl as if to say, "Hey, that foods not for you". Once I had sent the squirrel scampering and moved the feeder out of his reach the birds returned. Shelby settled back down in his favorite spot to watch "his birds" and all was at peace again. Go figure!?, putting up the feeder has done him more good than harm and I get to enjoy the beautiful birds.

Despite their furious fluttering I was able to snap this shot out my office window of atleast one.


jan said...

The rains in northern California must have awakened some birds from long sleep. Our guinea has taken up permanent residence in the yard.

"Sunshine" said...


I've been following your saga with quite some amusement. As I have you in my Google Reader on my personalized homepage I've gotten the play by play each day. Many are LOL funny. Thanks for sharing your story with so much humor!!