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Friday, March 16, 2007

End of week "2 dog household" summary

So, we've begun to enjoy life with our two dogs on a completely new level. Specifically one of the things we are able to do now is leave their crate doors open at night. In the morning they wait for us to get up and release them to head out to the kitchen for their morning potty check and breakfast. The first night I actually forgot to close Shelby's crate I was quite proud of my boy. Then came the realization that we now would be enjoying the protection and security of two amazing watchdogs. God protect anyone entering our house at an un-godly hour of the night, as both dogs are no longer secured in their crates.

Then, we were working late yesterday evening on some end of week projects. It was around 11:30 pm when both dogs get up, stretch, do a wake up "shake off" and slowly saunter outside. We could hear them step on their pee rocks. Next thing we see, they're headed down the hall to their crates. Without a single prompt from us our two "fur children" have put themselves to bed. We've begun a new stage in the wonderful life with well trained dogs. They have settled into our routine and have begun to anchor to our normal patterns. Even though we had a bit more to do before we followed them, they had turned in for the night.

Today we made it to the beach and it was a beautiful day!! The dogs loved the extra fun and exercise at their favorite place to play. When I got home I have a message in my in-box with a link to the following YouTube video. Go check it out! This guy really has a sense of humor. I hope you enjoy!!

Have a nice weekend!

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Author Mom DogNut said...

Sunshine, how fantastic!! Definitely signals a new phase of more freedom, sorta like the first time a baby sleeps through the night.