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Friday, March 02, 2007

A good lead from: Top 50 "Just Labradors" website.

I just discovered a new Labrador specific blog, and this one is worth reading from day one. It will take you a while but I think you'll enjoy your stay. This brave blogger blogs with the companionship of 4, Yes, 4 Labradors. So check out "Lab Tails" and fall in love with four beautiful Labradors.

1 comment:

Joan said...

Hi, Sunshine,

Thanks for the great highlight here; we feel so privileged!

LOL...I'm not sure I'd call us "brave" ("crazy" maybe, or "gluttons for muddy floors and slobbery kisses" or "completely taken with Labs"...but brave? LOL...hardly). We love our Labs; it's a joy to have them.

And they teach us and give to us far more than we invest in them (it's the way of it with Labs, I guess).

Anyway, I'm tickled to find you, too, and if you have no objection, would love to add you to our blog roll at LabTails. :o)

And I just found JustLabradors, too --- ohboyohboyohboyohboy (the canine kids are rubbing off on me)!

Here's a wiggly, giggly, enthusiastic tailwag in salute to you and your two beauties!

Thanks for commenting, and for finding us!

Joan (and, of course, Baxter, Ridge, Elsie, and Kenay over at Labtails)