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Monday, October 16, 2006

Make your own Martingale dog collars

For those of you who want to make your own water tolerant martingale collar and want to find the best hardware out there, here's a company that has the products you may be looking for. Bo'Sun Supplies Inc.

Have questions on their products?, than call and talk to one of their sales reps. They are very knowledgeable and helpful. With the primary customer for their products being boat and marine people they still understood why a dog owner would be seeking out their products.

The nice thing is, now I can have the collar I want. No more searching for the right components that never seem to come all together as I want them. I'm still looking forward to my leather collars from LDS-Leather but for those very frequent times that we head out to the water I can switch collars and save the leather from the damaging abuse of water or worse yet salt water.


Sean Morrissey said...

What a nice job pulling together a great amount of information. We're the happy & proud owners of a 16mo Yellow Lab who've experienced many of the ups and downs that you have! In the end, they are always ups ... Some things that I was wondering if you'd comment on: Who is this wonderful trainer? What have you done specific to two dogs? Or not done? We're on the brink of bringing another Lab into our home ... so very curious

Nice job!

"Sunshine" said...

Who is this wonderful trainer?
- Find a trainer who has read and believes in the approach of Suzanne Clothier, Turid Rugaas, Pat Miller, Jan Fennell - and you will find a trainer like Trish. Never take for granted that just because they are a "trainer" that you want them training or helping you train your dog. If your trainer does not know who these people are - think twice. Trish is a trainer at our "local 24hr animal hospital".

What I did specific to raising two dogs?
- A good idea for a future post - stay tuned.

Most importantly, when taking on two dogs I can only speak in hindsight as this pair was our first experience raising dogs. And so, you can appreciate the inspiration for this blog. All the books I have mentioned in my blog have been very helpful and each one has contributed to where my Husband and I are in this venture. Specificly, I wish I had read the two books I have recently posted about before ever having brought our pair home. And yet, maybe they have meant more to me for having made the mistakes I made. I have sincerely appreciated both Suzanne and Jan as trainers and authors because they both seem to believe the famous quote: "Today is the first day of the rest of your life." So, with that in mind, I live every day to be the companion and leader my dogs deserve.

Good luck with your canine "Family Members".