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Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Having Fun . . . Loving "Blogger in Beta"

I know this post is not necessarily dog related but I just want to send out props to "Hoctro's Place" for the code I used to create the tabs at the top of the posts section on the blog. As you've noticed recently I've been learning by trial and error how to add different elements to the page to make it easier for you the readers to navigate the contents of the blog. I've also enjoyed adding the embeded "Google Video" clips that I've made in "iMovie" and than uploaded to "Google Video". Embeding them into the new "Blogger in Beta" is so easy I hope that those of you with a blog will give it a try. You can now embed the "Google Video" HTML into any blog - so go for it!!

I have a dog post in "drafts" that I'm working on right now so I'll have a new one out soon. In the mean time try something new and out of the ordinary today and enjoy the moment.


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