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Thursday, October 25, 2007

Red Dingo Dog ID Tags - They are beyond gorgeous!!!

The "proof is always in the pudding" and boy is this pudding sweet!!!

I just ordered these new engraved dog tags made by Red Dingo at DogGoneGood. Boy are they beautiful!! This is the "large" size ID tag and the color selection is the "dark blue".

There are 9 beautiful colors to choose from and 8 different graphic patterns to select as well. They have cat collar size tags and special cat only graphics as well!!

I got the "bone" for Shelby and the "flower" from Nutmeg. You can engrave up to 5 lines of text. I obviously edited out our personal information on the back of Nutmegs but I wanted you to see how nice the engraving is. These are no cheap-os either when it comes to durability. They are thicker then just about three quarters and are beautifully polished and smooth rounded at the edge. You just want to hold them in your hand. I may pick up another one to use on my key ring they are so nice.

This is a "go out and get it right away," especially if you are as tired as I was of the virtually disposable ones you can get at Petsmart or Petco.

And the best part is that they are just $12 each. I'd have probably paid way more than that for something this nice!!

For my faithful few fellow bloggers:
Please share this with your other blog readers.
Trust me they are that good!!!


jan said...

I was just noticing today as I watched the fires burn down south how shabby our tags have gotten.

Stanley ThePug said...

The red dingo dog id tags are fantastic! They come with a guarantee for the life of the tag too so unless you lose it or you want a different colour then you've got it for good!