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Thursday, October 04, 2007

A little off topic - but I know you won't mind!!

There are very few times that I have veered off topic here on this blog as my purpose with this blog is to tell you about my experiences raising my dogs.

But I love KT Tunstall and this video is awesome!! In a way for me it comes back to the whole blog theme in that we need to "Hold On", to the moments we have each day with our "best friends" as the nothing stays as it is forever.

I hope you enjoy!!!


jan said...

Loved it!!Well produced. Thanks for brightening my evening. Occasionally we do get to show that we aren't ALL about dogs.

Nat said...

Everything's going dark! I can't see anything! No, seriously, it looks like your video link is dead... to me anyway, with IE6 and Windows XP. I'll go google KT.

Pappy's Fella

"Sunshine" said...

Sorry Nat,

It works just fine on my Mac. Here's a direct link: "Hold On"

Hope that one works.