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Tuesday, October 16, 2007

It was time for change

So as you can see, I've updated the post column top picture. Here it is on the right for those of you who catch us on your favorite RSS feed aggregator.

Although I liked the previous picture it was time for a change. I really like this new one. It is one of my favorite recent pictures from this summer. There's such a happy feeling to it. They are both running at full speed, ocean air blowing on their "slip stream" features, big smiles on both their beautiful faces as they grin from ear to ear. With a closer look you'll see that they each only have one foot on the ground as they sprint back to us with the ball.

Every time we decide to drive out to the beach I think that I just barely beat them at wanting to get there as absolutely fast as possible. Nutmeg, who is fondly been named "Miss Wiggles" gets to wiggling from tip to tail. Shelby trembles with excitement for the the last five miles it takes to get to our favorite final destination. I'm sure you get the picture!

Even though the previous picture was of the beach it was taken up along the Mendocino coast and was not as clear a picture as the new one so it was easy to make the switch. For posterity sake I'm including it here for the eventual archive history it will become a part of.

Here's hoping you, my few faithful readers, have some awesome memories of your own that you had the pleasure of sharing with your canine "children" this summer.



1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Hi Sunshine,

I Love this picture. It is pure Joy! I grew up on the West Coast, Portland, and miss the Pacific Ocean so much. Coloradans are so land locked. Even our "Rivers" would be considered Creeks back home. Our Dogs still enjoy any contact with water they get. It is always cool to see them doing what they are bred to do.

Jamie in Denver
2 Tail wags from Kylie and Taryn