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Thursday, September 06, 2007

Double the Pet Hair, Double the Fun

So what does it really mean to raise two yellow Labradors Retrievers together at the same time? Well here's my list:

  • double the opportunity to capture the cutest puppy pictures ever
  • double the puppy potty training accidents
  • double the sweet puppy kisses
  • double the walks during adolescence as each one was best walked separate
  • double the training time at home
  • double the joy greeting you at the door
  • double the Labrador hair "tumble weed" clumps collecting at the edges of the hard wood hallway, and everywhere else for that matter
  • double the warmth on a cold winter evening
  • double the food for the UPS man to deliver every month
  • double the poop to pick up
  • double the pull when you walk them together and they both catch the same sent
  • double the noise when a stranger comes to a door
  • double the bed size taking up valuable floor space for their beds in the kitchen, office, and bedroom
  • double the energy to burn, lucky they can tire each other out
  • double the security when you're home alone
  • double the leashes and any other equipment for that matter
  • double the laughs watching their silly little games
And last but not least ...
  • double the L O V E as only Labrador Retrievers can give!!!


Adam said...

You forgot double the vet bills, double the heart worm meds, double the kennel fees...Who am I kidding? DOUBLE is the only way to go when you are talking about retrievers. Cue the Double Mint commercial!

jan said...

You can always double the double for four.

Golden Dreams said...

We have double the everything at our place too! We call ours Troublemint Twins!