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Monday, August 27, 2007

How time flys!!

I was just realizing after my last post that it was a year ago August 22nd that I started this blog. This blog's 1 year anniversary almost slipped past me unawares. Our home is such a different place now a year later.

The dogs and I have all come a long way from where we started a year ago. They have taught me so much!! I've learned you have to be "present in the moment" when you live with dogs. You can't tune out, every moment is just too rich with the "living of life" when you share it with a dog, not to mention two dogs. I can only imagine how "rich" life is over at "Lab Tails" with Elsie one of 4 labs, now a first time new mom of 8 puppies.

Then there are the great friends I've made while sharing my journey with you my faithful readers. Thanks for all the "Tail Wags" and encouragement.

Thank you Blogger for making it so fun and easy to share photos, thoughts, video's, and great links with others!!

Here's to another year of blogging!!


jan said...

Happy anniversary, Sunshine, and many more. I have enjoyed reading about Shelby and Nutmeg and your observations about life with dogs.

You are so right, Life really IS more fun shared with good dogs. I can't imagine a life without them.

Joan said...

Hey there, Sunshine, Shelby, and Nutmeg!

Congrats on your anniversary! I, for one, am tickled that your out there in blog land. You're doing a great job!

And, yes, life is extremely "rich" over here at LabTails. :o)

Rich, and exhausting (says me, who's had a total of about 14 hours sleep in the last five days). ;o)

But we're loving every minute of it (well, almost -- losing the one pup was really hard, but we have still the surviving eight to enrich our lives).

Thanks so much for your support and encouragement (I'm always delighted to see you've commented when you do). It's meant more than you know.

Thanks again, and Happy Anniversary! Give your "kids" a congratulatory scratch behind the ears for us!

Joan (for the LabTails gang: Baxter, Ridge, Kenya, Elsie, and 8 squirmy 3 day olds!)