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Sunday, August 05, 2007

Stop making excuses ...

I can't tell you how much I can relate to this post today. "Slam-Dunking Pappy" With two Yellow Labradors that I have encouraged with food rewards to have a consistent retrieve, I often loath dog parks.

My motivation for rewarding the consistent retrieve was to reinforce a strong off leash recall, and still allow my dogs to get the extensive exercise they need. This of course means that my dogs love to retrieve. They are often the only ones in the group that will stick with the activity more then the initial five minutes the other dogs will give to it. That's when the "denizens of the dog park" turn their fun into a cruel game.

I think what pisses me off the most is the fact the owners of these denizens think it is funny, or cute, or "their just being dogs." I'm sorry, but that to me is a total cop-out. These owners in my experience do not fully have the respect or off leash control of their dogs. There is no way for them to stop or control the behavior of their dog in this cruel game. So, they make excuses for it by down playing what is actually happening.

My dogs can be seriously hurt, most of the dogs that enjoy this game are tough, compact, low to the ground little tanks. At the very least they at least have the advantage of planning the impact and are prepared for the hit.

I actually had one woman who's dog was doing this one day tell me that my dogs needed to be "more aggressive". "Are you insane", I thought, "more aggressive!!!!!" I chose the breed of dog I did largely on their temperament, I live in a dog dense community with one in every house if not every other. I have corrected even the slightest toy possessiveness in our home of two dogs, as well as in play with other dogs - even if it is their toy. It's not "my dogs job" to tell your dog he's "being a shit head", that's your job, and if you can't see it I'm going to tell you, "your dog's being a shit head," and that "you need to do something about it," as it's "your fault" for not being able to redirect your dog. My dogs do not deserve to be your dogs punching bag!

I'm tired of people who make excuses for their dogs behavior just because of their breed, "Oh, he's a terrier - it's just what they do," or "he's a herding dog - they love to herd," the classic, "he's a bull dog their just stubborn, there's nothing I can do about it." All I hear is, "I'm a lousy owner who has not respected the breed of dog I chose enough to work hard to make them safe in any situation when socializing with other dogs."

Ok, I'm done ranting!!


jan said...

You're entitled to rant. This is inexcusable boorish behavior and I don't mean the dogs.

AuthorMomWith Dogs said...

I'd been working on a post about dog parks and found that I really had nothing good to say about them, so it's sat in my draft folder. Now I can just point everybody here, because you've said it all for me.

I'm with Jan. The people are often more the problem than the dogs!