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Thursday, February 15, 2007

Flies... and what we can learn about our dogs!

Nutmeg absolutely loathes flies, especially in the house. It's beyond the normal neurosis and yet I can appreciate her vehemence on the matter. The other day no less than three found their way into the kitchen and a crisis ensued. Everything came to a standstill until I had tracked down every last one.

After dipping into a worse spell than usual, she finally gave up, tucked her tail and headed to her crate in the middle of the day. Something she NEVER does! When I had finally killed the last one I was more thrilled than then she was.

In an truly elated voice I told her it was safe to come out, that they were finally all gone. That's all I had to say. She came out tentatively and kissed my face in appreciation then joined be back in the kitchen in her favorite sunspot and life resumed it's usual pace. And to think, someone just the other day was saying that they had a dog that would eat bees. Who knew!?

Who are we fooling when we want to believe that Freud wrote the book on physiological disorders and that as humans we were the first and only species to truly understand complex emotions.

Although this is no stellar example of a "brainiac" dog, it still goes to show the complexity of and beauty that makes up these amazing companion creatures. Next time you notice something is "off" with your dog take the time to figure it out. They'll thank you for it.

For more on this topic check out this article: "What your pet is thinking"


Karen Shanley said...

How lucky for Nutmeg that she has such an observant, thoughtful, and helpful mom!

jan said...

Very well said. What may seem to be a tiny, simple mind of a dog when you take the time to get inside of it is quite complex and beautiful.