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Thursday, February 08, 2007

Awesome dog waste bags !

Ok, first for a little humor! Cause I need it and I hope you enjoy it.

Follow this link to Pappy's Dog Blog, If Dogs Could Say What They Are Thinking... then come back and read the rest of this post.

When you have two dogs not to mention two big dogs and you live in a suburban neighborhood their are certain aspects of owning a dog that are "more charming" than others. Namely picking up their poop. And in our case I have gone to the extra trouble of training my dogs to do their business on the "pee gravel" path next to our driveway. Unfortunately, you still have to get it from there to the trash and that's where it starts getting costly. My new favorite product is the NoztoNoz Bottoms Up Pet Waste Bags - canister found at Kings Wholesale Pet Supply. There are 150 bags in each canister and these bags are way tougher than most!!

(Click on the image above to go to their order page.)
As my dogs are not going anywhere and neither is the fact that they poop, I got the case of six canisters. It ends up being about a nickle a bag, which is better than most I've seen. The canisters are compact enough that they can easily go in the car. I haven't tried the smaller dispenser or refill rolls so I can't comment on them but if any of you do try them, let me know what you think. The canisters just made so much sense to me, for sitting on my counter by the door, I was thrilled to find the product. I hope this is a product you enjoy as well.

In case your interested, here's what Great Green Pet has to say on the subject. What’s the green solution for getting rid of dog poop?


jan said...

A few months ago San Francisco officials had the idea of turning dog poop into energy. I haven't heard much more about it. I think they must get tired of the world laughing at them.

"Sunshine" said...

Despite the fact that San Fransisco is without question my favorite California city, it often finds itself on the fringes both social and politically. And there has been much for the world to laugh about.

Anonymous said...

One of the easiest ways to take care of the problem is to call a professional. There are several around, but I can personally recommend Pet Butler. Whoever you chose, make sure that they dispose of the waste legally and safely.

"Sunshine" said...

Thanks Anon

Never on "God's green earth" would I have imagined such a business opportunity. Goes to show you America is not only in love with their dogs, but people are making very good money on that fact.