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Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Meet the siblings

After reading the previous posts some of you may be curious to see the two charmers that inspired this blog. So I'm putting up a couple pictures of the "brother & sister" pair.

Shelby & Nutmeg - 8 wks
This picture was taken the first week they came home with us. My husband captured this moment and it has forever been my favorite picture. They are the best of pals and have been from their first day home. They were two from a litter of eleven. Eight of the eleven stayed with their mom the full 8 weeks so Shelby and Nutmeg came to us with their bite inhibition learning all but done. What remained they figured out on each other instead of us. Truly a blessing!!

Shelby & Nutmeg - 9 mo
This was from their second time at the beach midway through adolescence just before we started with Trish. I needed a change of scenery and to really wear them out. The day was perfect for both. I love how happy, tired, and relaxed they are in this picture. Just what my husband and I needed to see to remind us why we started this venture to begin with.

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