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Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Falling in Love

Selecting a puppy

Because there are breeders like Mary Howley you and I can own an amazing caliber of Labrador Retriever. Our breeder here on the west coast has gotten all his dogs from Mary.

That said you have to experience it for yourself.
Not ready to do that yet, well than here's the next best place to start:

Nutmeg @ 6 wks w/ her mom Meg & our Breeder
Falling in Love

Getting A Lab? Why not go to the top?, By Dennis Guldan
Proven Results: Something About Mary
Mike Lardy Nation Ranked Trainer
Meet the Breeder, by Dennis Guldan
Candlewood's Tanks A Lot - "Lottie"

And for a lovely book with a sentimental side from the voice of a hunter and lover of Labradors there's:
Season's Belle, by Bob Butz

"Season's Belle" is a Mary Howley bred Candlewood Labrador
A beautiful coming of age story about a Mary Howley Labrador


betterlabs said...

I purchased my Mary Howley Yellow Lab Male in 2002. Boomer is the best dog ever! He lives in our home and loves to Waterfowl hunt. Boomer earned a Junior hunt Test Title from my training. Boomer is very beautiful and intelligent. I really enjoy such a well bred dog. His AKC name is Candlewoods Boomer Reign

"Sunshine" said...

I'm so glad you left a message.

I have truly appreciated the care and integrity that Mary Howley has brought to the world of Labradors.

Thanks for sharing a picture of your beautiful boy, Boomer.