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Sunday, March 30, 2008

"Spring Cleaning" My Blog

I've been making several changes to my blog template and background recently. 

One of the things that wasn't working as I had hoped was the tabs section that I had at the top of the "post section" on the page. The "blogger hack" required weird labeling that I'm sure did strange things to keyword searches for bring up my pages. So, when I found an awesome "tabs blogger hack", I relabeled all my blog posts and edited the template html for the new tabs. The instructions were simple to implement for my html ignorant blogger brain. Here's the link for all the instructions I followed to put the new tabs on my blog: [Horizontal Tabs]

For "Step 6." I used method B: It behaved better with the template I'm using.

To get the text color to change to white (or any html color # of your choice depending which color tab your choose) when you hover over the tab, I used this additional code found in the comments on the page:
#tabsori a:hoverspan {
background-position:100% -42px;
To anyone else out there in "blog-o-sphere" making improvements to their blog, I'd love to have you leave me a note with a link to, or details for, how you made improvements to your site. I'm always looking for good ideas.

Happy Blogging,


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Johann The Dog said...

Your blog is looking real good! Thanks for the link with the tips! Woofs, Johann