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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Spring Break...

It was Spring Break for my fabulous niece. Fabulous because she loves just walking the beach with the dogs as much as I do. Here are some of the best pics from our day at the beach.

The fabulous day!

A fabulous wave!

One of her fabulous pictures!


jan said...

What fun it is to take dogs to bite the ocean. You should let us see them more often.

"Sunshine" said...


And just when you thought it was safe I got all "beachy" all over this blog!!

Hope the changes do not suck the life out of your internet connection.


"Sunshine" said...

P.S. I guess life has been more about having fun lately!!

Jean M Fogle said...

Dogs at the beach are so much fun to watch. If you like the beach and love dogs at the beach, you might just love my new photo book Salty Dogs , published by Wiley!
It has plenty of Labs in it and over 112 pics of dogs enjoying the beach along with quotes that fit the action.
My own sisters labs are both in the book.
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"Sunshine" said...

I typically do not publish comments that self promote a product, but Jean has really put something nice together here.

Well worth at least a look at her blog for us beach lovers.


Anonymous said...

The ocean is a blast, but its still pretty cold here, so ill have to wait a little longer!