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Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Happy Thanks Giving!!

With two things on my list to take to Thanks Giving dinner tomorrow, I'm cooking most of the day.  The pumpkin pie is in the oven and I have a few minutes to share a photo from this morning.

With a busy day around the house I decided to take the dogs out for a run around 10 am this morning.  Ends up others probably had the day off and were out later then the usual 7 am group with the same idea.  Within 10 minutes a group of 6 dogs were having loads of fun.  It was a beautiful morning with a great group of friendly dogs that we've gotten to know over the last two years.  It was so nice to be able to  relax knowing that the dogs were fine and that it was not as critical to keep them under close watch to avoid any unnecessary squabbles.

Here's a picture of "Shelby" and "Mia" taking a break in the shade of the summer baseball scoreboard.  

Here's wishing you all a Happy Thanks Giving!!


Adam said...

Looks like Shelby is keeping some good company! Ball scoreboard: Golden 1, Lab 0. Have a great Thanksgiving!

"Sunshine" said...

That is too funny, I didn't even see the connection.

Thanks for sharing your sense of humor!!

Yes, Mia is great company!! Her story is a special one as well. She was bought by a hunter for top dollar. He pushed her too hard early on and she became very gun shy. His neighbor and him were talking and she happened to have connections with a rescue. He gave Mia up hoping that she ultimately would find a good home. Her new family found her online and the rest is history. She has one of the sweetest personalities you could ever wish for in a dog joining a family with two young boys.

Score "1" for everyone who calls her a friend!!

L^2 said...

Happy Thanksgiving! We hope you have a wonderful day. :-)

Lucy The Great Dane said...

I love watching labs have a fun time at my dog park. Kona, my chocolate is a little lazy when it comes to playing but she manages to get around a little bit and play. Lucy my great dane is a little crazy at the dog park. A good crazy as she has a lot of fun.

jan said...

Looking at those pictures just makes me feel happy.