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Friday, January 12, 2007

How much do you love your dog(s)?

There's nothing like the weather to really test your dedication and love for your dog.

With not just one but two Labradors, no less, in the family exercise time is essential. So today found me out at the park "chucking" a tennis ball for 30 minutes. The day was clear and the sun was bright but the thermometer read 45° and the wind laughed in my face and said, "45° - ha, ha, ha, here's 37° just to test your resolve. Now I realize that many of you are sputtering, "45°, 37°, I'd take that in a heartbeat," but for my soft California skin, today was truly a test of how much I love my dogs.

And yes, I love my dogs!!!


Therese said...

I used to take care of two black labs. I'd take them out for a couple hours each day so they could get rid of at least a little bit of that lab energy before their owner came home and did it again in the evening. Granted this is Texas and it doesn't get too awfully cold but 2 hours out in 45 degree, wet, windy weather can be a bit much. The dogs loved it though! ;)

Karen Shanley said...

Feeling cold is definitely relative. My stepson is in Fairbanks where it's routinely 30 below zero. He thinks 15 degrees is a heatwave. Me, I'm with you Sunshine. Wind-chill is no fun! And, yes, you clearly love your dogs!!!! Hope they know how good they have it! :)