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Sunday, January 14, 2007

"Chasing White Rabbit's" on a Sunday morning

Here's what happens when a California girl "goes surfing", or as I also fondly like to call it "chasing a white rabbit down a rabbit hole." Whatever you call it I thought I'd diverge a bit from the dogs and take you "through my recent looking glass."

It all started with "Just Golden" a website I follow on occasion. There you will find a guys perspective on raising two Golden Retrievers. Great pictures are hidden everywhere so follow all links carefully.

A recent commenter on the site was "burg" who blogs at "deeper shades of red". I liked her candor, she calls it like she sees it.

A comment on one of her posts took me to "Bone" and his blog "If You Read Only One Blog This Year". There I read a fun post on "National De-lurking Week". And how it all started, "National De-Lurking Day"

A Google "Blog Search" took me to "I speak of Dreams" and then "Paper Napkin."
Whew . . ., that was a fun ride.
Along the way, thanks to "I speak of Dreams", I discovered a new tool from "coComment", this could be an interesting tool.
And "the moral of the story is": Ok, I know I'm two days too late but "De-Lurk" anyway and leave a "tail wag"!!


Anonymous said...

Hi, it's Liz from I Speak of Dreams. Thanks for the comment.

Burg said...

Hey thanks for the link!