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Saturday, December 23, 2006

Blogging on Blogger - now out of Beta!

When I started this blog I just wanted to share all I had learned and in that process hopefully help even just one other person improve their relationship with their dog. I hope that the information I have compiled here has helped someone do just that.

What I never considered would happen was this:
How cool is that! I speculated on how this happened here, but it wasn't until "Pappy's Fella" posted something similar that I even considered that a search for my dog's names, much less the terms "raising labradors" would give me back what I've worked on for the past 5 months. That's some Christmas present for me in my estimation.

As the "world wide web" continues to ebb and flow I look forward to riding the "waves". For now, to all my visitors - "Happy Surfing" to all of you. "Never Stop Learning" or "searching" as the case may be!!


Splash said...

Hey have a great holiday! Hope you guys get lots of toys!


Karen Shanley said...

Woohoo, Sunshine!!! Two paws up for you!

And you deserve it. You do a great job with your blog

Anonymous said...

Hi there and Happy New Year too!

I have been visiting your blog for a while and just love it. We subcribe to a lot of the same school of thought.

I have pugs, my current blog is of them being spoiled rotten, I am readying to start another of them being trained or may decide to knock out the posts and start over at my current one. I haven't made up my mind on that for sure.

I am working on Bandit for his CGC/TDI in March or April. I haven't added much of that to my current blog because most pug owners do mostly spoiling and don't see that pugs are smart too and deserve so much more than treats and toys.

Anyhow, I also came to ask if you knew of any blog circle or ring that is of dog training. I would sure appreciate a heads up to it if so.

My email is in my profile I believe.

Thanks for a great blog!


"Sunshine" said...

Hi Paula,

Thanks for your "tail wags" on "For the Love of Labradors".

I couldn't agree with you more on how some small dog owners treat their dogs, so good for you for allowing your dogs the opportunity to be more than spoiled "home accessories". I believe that dogs are extremely intelligent and that they know some how on some level when they have been cheated of their full potential. I'll look forward to hearing how your "four legged family members" do.

I have been thinking that Nutmeg would make an awesome Therapy Dog. She has a very special way about her especially with kids. I need to seriously look into that for her in the new year and see what it all entails.

If there is a "webring" of "dog training" websites, I haven't found it yet.

I've been thinking about this and have come to a couple conclusions. The sites from trainers I have the utmost respect for seem to be sincerely concerned with primarily putting good content out there. Turid Rugaas, Suzanne Clothier, and the Clicker Solutions contributing trainers could very well be too busy, with the personal training and seminar schedules that take them around the world, to link up their sites to a webring. Of course, these are just my speculations as to why one hasn't come up in my searches as well. If you find one please do share . . .

On a side note: Most of the dog training websites that I have found appear to fall into two categories. Those similar to the ones I have linked to on my blog and those that bombard you with advertising for their "train your dog in 1 day" techniques. The second group fall into the "used car salesman" category in my opinion and I've gotten quite disgusted with them. They are the other inspiration for this blog. This second group use every dirty tactic to promote their product, from spamming technorati to setting up bogus blogs on Blogger just to generate ranking with search engines.

I suppose that is why my mantra is "Never Stop Learning", or "Searching" as the case may be. Their is nothing inherent to the Turid Rugaas or Suzanne Clothier websites to generate increasing page rank for a search like "dog training". It is the links on sites like mine that help, but unlike blogs that may generate feed reader links, these sites don't inherently generate this kind of "link love". Here's to promoting the good websites out there!!