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Monday, August 25, 2008

A bit off topic... but worth it!!

I have some amazing friends whose son has a life threatening allergy to dairy, as well as several other foods. For those of you readers who carry, at all times, an Epi-pen you know what it's like.

The first time I took care of their son in their house I was anxious, constantly making sure I knew where the Benadryl was and that the pen was where I left it. The first time I took care of him in my house I was a nervous reck. We're talking crumbs on the floor, skin contact level reactivity. 

They have been working on an amazing project this last year and are finally sharing it with the general public.  I know this post is not Labrador or dog related, but this is such an amazing story for children I can't help but share it here.  Please check it out and share it with any parent you know who may have a child with food allergies.

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