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Sunday, June 22, 2008

I own(ed) each of these types of animals in my life, this is too cute for words!

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AuthorMomWithDogs said...

Very cute! You've had quite an eclectic assortment of furry friends!

jan said...

My furry pets usually forget their species identities when they play together.



Are those rabbits and cats? We really like rabbits and cats!!! Of course here in Arizona we have monster size jackrabbits and bobcats. We don't mess with the bobcats but the jackrabbits are fair game if they get in the yard. Really freaks Mom out when we get after them.

Scuba, Keiko, Norman and Toby from Life inside the Fence

k9 Amiga said...

haha : ) how lovely, im afraid stranger has never been able to transcend his differences with rabbits, then again they've never let him get close enough to try

your blog is very sweet.