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Friday, February 29, 2008

Taking a LEAP ...

As many of you, who have been faithful visitors in the past, have noticed it's been a very long while since I've posted.

Having been caught in my own "time warp space continuum" recently (over booked, over committed) I felt it was appropriate to make every effort to post on a special day like today, "Leap Day". However, I promise to post more than once every four years from now on.

I know I'm cheating a bit but since a picture is worth a thousand words I hope that the pictures make up for the lack of new words on the blog recently.

Morning Companion

Fun at the Lake

Because Winter low tides are the best and this last month offered a beautiful day as well here's a collection from our last trip to the beach.  "Moses" is our good friends dog, and "lucky dog" that he is he actually lives steps from the beach.


Perfect Reflection

Foot prints in the sand may quickly disappear,
but the footprints on our hearts will last a lifetime.


jan said...

The Poodles, dogs and I have missed you and your Labradors. Glad you're back. I hope you don't mind all the mean things I have written about Labs on my blog.

Haha, just kidding. Who could write anything bad about a Lab?

"Sunshine" said...

Yes, I can hear you muttering to your self now ...

"and she feigns to be a blogger, where have her and the dogs been lately, those lazy labs have just been too boring for words ..."

Ha Ha Ha

Thanks for your note!!


moggy said...

Good to see you back...loved the pictures everyone looked so happy to be on the beach...wish i was there

Jamie said...


It's great to hear from you. It's OK to get busy, just make sure you always come back to us!


L^2 said...

Glad to see you're back to blogging! The photos are great. It looks like all the dogs had a great time at the beach.

Johann The Dog said...

Really great pics and what fun! Someday I hope that Mum takes me to enjoy a beach!

Woofs, Johann

The Zoo Crew said...

Our mama loves the last picture as well as the saying (and we have to agree!) :)

Peace + Paws,

The Zoo Crew

Buhawi (Dog Lover) said...

Great pics! Especially the ones with the reflections of the dogs.

Yeah, it's absolutely true that footprints left in the heart will be there for a lifetime.

And dogs most certainly leave those kind of footprints...