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Wednesday, July 18, 2007

You asked . . .

Taking a cue from a fabulous dog blogger over at "Pappy's Dog Blog" and his post: "Pappy Answers Your Search Term Questions" I have gathered some of the questions that have brought some of you here to "For the Love of Labradors". I offer no apologies for my sarcastic humor - it's just the mood I'm in.

Q: How much does Bark Busters cost?
A: Proprietary dogma is always over priced.

Q: Why keep my Labrador Retriever in a crate?
A: Depends how badly you want to have to remodel your house.

Q: What age do Labradors hit adolescence?
A: Much too soon and it lasts for much too long.

Q: What's really in pet food?
A: Have you been living under a rock this year?

Q: How do you hug a dog?
A: With your eyes open.

Q: How dangerous are Labradors?
A: How dangerous is the Labrador's owner?

Q: Where are Labradors on the dangerous dog list?
A: May be you should be asking, where are humans on the dangerous species list?

Q: When are Labradors not hyper any more?
A: When their owners no longer over react to their antics.

Q: Why does my Labrador love me?
A: Because he/she is a Labrador. It's what they and all dogs are born to do if we let them.

J: You want answers?
K: I think I'm entitled to them.
J: You want answers?
K: I want the truth!
J: You can't handle the truth!


AuthorMomWith Dogs said...

LOL! Love your answers.

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