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Saturday, June 02, 2007

True to tide ... what we live for.

With the full moon just this last Thursday I was hoping for a better afternoon low tide. Yet this afternoon came with it's own gifts. With the coast in it's typical May - June pattern of heavy fog banks and only 1-2 hours of sun each day, we were blessed with 4 hours of beautiful clear sunny beach time.

So even though low tide this afternoon was 3 feet instead of the awesome - .5 foot tide of the past several months we still had an awesome time at the beach. This time I have pictures to prove it. Sometimes I think about the home and land and open space we could live on if only we did not live in California, but then I enjoy a day like today and know that there is no way I could ever live very far away from "my" Pacific Ocean. I hope you enjoy the pictures.

Coming back at a full run.
They couldn't smile any bigger if they tried.

Can you find the ball before Shelby does ?
(Hint: Click to enlarge)

Happy wet dogs.

Taking a quick breather.

"Yes, we're having fun Mom, can't you tell"


AuthorMomWithDogs said...

Now those are 2 happy dogs! What a great life they have!!!

Mrs. Chicky said...

I'm horribly jealous! They look so darn happy.

jan said...

What happy happy faces. You remind me that I need to plan a trip to the Pacific O very soon. Hopefully on a day when no dead seals have washed ashore like last time.

"Sunshine" said...

So glad you guys liked the photos. I realized that it had been awhile since I had new beach photos of the dogs for my own collection, not to mention the blog. I always seem to forget my camera in my excitement of going to the beach. Luckily I remembered this time - it was a great day!

BTW Jan, we did see what appeared to be a small shark or dolphin washed up dead on the beach. The full moon has pulled the tide exceptionally high with a pretty strong onshore surg. Perhaps this contributed it being washed up on shore. Of course there was no going over and investigating it myself as this was not something I wanted to have catch the dogs attention. Growing up by the beach I learned this is more common than most people realize, and yet it is no less disturbing each time I see it first hand. Here's hoping your next trip is free of any dead marine animals.

"Sunshine" said...

P.S. Did everyone find the Ball?

If you haven't yet to back and try to find it before clicking the link.

Charlie said...

I think even on the enlarged version, Shelby found it first!
- Charlie (who used to live in California and never NEVER got to go to the beach, sigh...)

"Sunshine" said...

How do you figure Charlie?

He's nowhere near the ball. Look again!

If you give up click the "Ball".